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  • Improve satisfaction.
  • Reduce expenses.
  • Refocus staff.
  • Differentiate services.
  • Gain competitive advantage.

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24x7x365 IT Support

Otto works 168 hours every week without overtime, vacations, or sick time. This allows your employees to obtain IT support around the clock even if you only staff 40 business hours each week. Otto works every evening, all night, weekends, and holidays.

Language Understanding Engine

Employees can experience true self-service by making requests just like they're chatting with a person. Language Understanding interprets user goals (intents) and distills valuable information from sentences (entities), for a high quality, nuanced language model.

Mobile App & Browser Bot Access

Otto Bot can be accessed through iOS, Android, and desktop browsers and the conversations are synced if you start on one device and switch devices mid-conversation.

Automated IT Fixes

Otto can address many of the top help desk issues, including password resets, slow PC troubleshooting, providing instructions to users, and opening support tickets.

Customized for Your Needs

For tasks specific to your line of business applications, Otto can be customized to for your organization to offer automated solutions to problems for your employees.

Enterprise-grade administration and security

Get secure bot messaging, user authentication, as well as granular control of permissions with departments, categories, and sub-categories.

Bot Personalities

Each user can select Otto’s personality preference and select a sense of humor. Messages be customized for any of the capabilities added for your bot to make it the perfect 24×7 help desk assistant.


Harness the Power of AI to Support Your Clients

Are you a Managed Service Provider keen to leverage the enormous potential of AI and automation?

Would you like a powerful solution that will enhance the service you offer to your clients?

Do you want to keep your business one step ahead and gain a significant competitive advantage?

If so, then you'll benefit from offering ITsupport.bot's Team OttoTM.

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Story behind the app

We had techs servicing what seemed like a never-ending wave of repetitive tasks. Password resets, software updates, and many other similar tickets piled up in a queue. Availability became a driving factor in how long it took to resolve an issue. There had to be a better way. Why not automate where possible? With the help of cloud computing and advancements in Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to provide excellent service instantly! What we ended up with was an internal solution that was providing excellent service at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. Clients were seeing immediate resolution to issues and the impact to our bottom line was noticeable.

That's when Otto was born. Otto is an Ai IT Support bot solution that can be customized to reduce costs, eliminate ques, and improve service levels at any MSP. Otto allows companies to provide world-class support 24/7/365. Otto doesn't sleep or take breaks and most importantly, Otto performs all tasks securely and with absolute compliance to set standards. We have thoroughly enjoyed adding Otto to our team, and we hope that you too will quickly come to love this innovative and helpful Ai IT Support Bot.

Neil Issa

CEO & Lead Architect

Rafael Manzon

Vice President, Partner Development

What do people think?

I have been working with Enterprise Clients along with MSPs for years, and as soon as I saw it I knew the AI Bot is a game-changer. Your IT Techs are going to love the added freedom and flexibility it gives them. Your end-users will be happier as their problems are addressed significantly faster and at any time. Business owners are going to LOVE it as you achieve your SLAs and obtain Higher Net Promoter Scores. Point blank, this IS the future.

Justin Stone IMS360 Group

90% of the world's captured data in history has been recorded in the last 2 years. With so much data at hand, the only way we'll be able to sift through it and organize it in meaningful ways is through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Utilizing tools like ITsupport.bot's AI Bot is the wave of the future to providing valuable insight in a quick and easy way.

Terry Stein Microsoft Corp.

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